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The various infrastructure and civic services demands of the city are met by different entities, including Ranchi Municipal Corporation, state government departments, and parastatal organisations. The Ranchi Master Plan 2037 was created by a private consultant firm under the clientship of the Ranchi Municipal Corporation, Urban Development and Housing Department, and Ranchi Regional Development Authority

The city witnessed a sudden surge in population after the declaration of the new state of Jharkhand in 2000. Owing to the rising employment opportunities and opening of numerous regional and state level offices, banks and FMCG companies, the city witnessed a rapid influx of employment seeking migrants. As per a study done by ASSOCHAM in late 2010, Ranchi was one of the highest employment generating Tier-III cities in India with a share of 16.8%, followed by Mangalore and Mysore.[40]

During the time of British, the city was used to be the summer capital of Bihar. This is because of its climate during winter season.[8] Ranchi is also one of the oldest cities in Jharkhand. Jagannath Temple and Ratu Palace are the sights which are also witness for the history of Ranchi.[9]

Now Ranchi is developing its economy. And for this its parks, special economic zones and industrial areas are being developed. Recently new sectors and modern areas are developed for the city's development.[10] Ranchi is also called 'City of Waterfalls'.[11]

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